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Helping Each Other’s

Asthana Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, health and nutrition, safety and protection, and a variety of other human-related activities. Asthana Society is an Indian NGO that works to help children and their families every year through education, healthcare, livelihood, women empowerment, and a variety of other activities in distant villages and slums around the country.

Education serves as both a means and an end to achieving a better life. A person's livelihood can be improved by obtaining a decent education. Education also helps one to progress as a better citizen by enhancing one's awareness of a variety of concerns ranging from health care to good social behavior and rights comprehension.

Education is without a doubt the strongest catalyst for social change. However, children cannot be educated alone. A child will only go to school if the family, especially the mom, has health and empowerment assurances. In addition, the empowerment journey extends beyond the present generation when an older sibling acquires vital knowledge and becomes active.

We are the Asthana Society, Looking forward to bringing positive change to our people.